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November 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Zillow has made itself to be a solid tool for people on the hunt for a new home. It first debuted (2006) at a time when home prices were getting sky high. At the time, it strictly served as a system to  indicate dollar value for homes based on various data sources.

Fast forward to today, it’s clear that it’s a center for real estate professionals to do-it-yourselfers to perform activities such as find home value to marketing homes on MLS. Zillow has taken advantage of its name to become a marketing and advertising machine.

From the Mailbag: MLS

September 7, 2012 4 comments

A reader, named “Ed”, wrote in with the “tidbit”.

“The per cent sold by realtors ( around 92 % ) might help convince homeowners to sell through a realty”

Ed, we appreciate the submission, in addition to the successful business that we have conducted together.

What is being referred to is the percentage of homes sold by agents. I can’t confirm if 92% is an accurate number or not.  Even if the actual percentage is lower, I still believe the vast majority of homes are sold by agents. What I do know is that listing a property in MLS is your best chance to getting your property sold.

MLS will

  1. Market your place most effectively.
  2. The best place to elicit a positive emotional response to your place.
  3. Will find you the fairest price for your property.

The 3 facts above are a result of the numbers game. Most people, when they start their home search will run into homes that are found on MLS, one way or another. More people seeing your property mean more chances for a sale.