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Successful “Do-it-yourself” home buying

“Do-it-yourself” buying comes in many shapes and forms, with inconsistent results. The goal of this post is to introduce to you the concept of “do-it-yourself” buyers agent, the agent that will bring you consistent results, meaning that a transaction is predictable to your expectations from start to finish.

On the buying side of real estate, “do-it-yourself”  buyers agents (DIYBA) are agents that comes into action when purchasing a property. When employed properly, you can receive a handsome reward at the end of the purchase process.

While the initial engagement of a DIYBA may (and should) come well before submitting an offer, these agents come into real action when you are wanting to submit an offer on a property. Great DIYBA  are out there willing to provide you with their expertise. It’s up to you to find them!

Do-it-yourself buyers agents are especially helpful when

  1. Creating and strategizing an offer
  2. Know how to walk away from a deal.
  3. Navigating and negotiating a deal so that your comfort is in the front seat.

This does not mean that having them out for a home searching session isn’t out of the question. Perhaps having them out with you to consult with is well worth the value.

At first being approached with this idea may seem strange and create some hesitation. Receive this idea with the intent of getting help and get rewarded for the effort put in on your own. With this mindset, you’ll be able to find an outstanding DIYBA.

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