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Why Do-It-Yourself?

It struck me recently that writing about Thread Real Estate continued existence.  In this case, it is important to convey why we do what we do, over what we do and how we do it. This post briefly describes philosophy to help you understand us, but isn’t intended to be a lecture in philosophy.

Go the extra mile

Do-It-Yourself is a bit of a misnomer. At the end of the day, an agent’s professional help is instrumental to getting a sale smoothly completed. In our experience, DIYers that we serve tend to go the extra mile in different ways,  an ingredient for success. When our help is employed, we make sure we go the extra mile. True DIYers that have gone the extra mile know when to employ help that will go the extra mile.

Good work deserves reward.

I do want to qualify what “good work” means. I’ve heard the saying “hard work brings rewards”, but to my experiences, this isn’t always true. Good work means goals were inline and met. Good work can be hard work. Hard work can’t always be good work.

Getting a reward is a result, but is typically secondary why good work is performed. Work with results is complete and purposeful. This could be a reason why DIY experiences ends up being more fulfilling, because the purpose and intent must be greater in focus. While getting or saving cold hard cash helps the cause, it never replaces the true why.

When looking for real estate advice it’s easy to see the more superficial “what’s-in-it-for-you” and “how-do-you-get-it” aspects of do-it-yourself. Looking into the “why”, the advice given comes from something greater.

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