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Successful Do-it-yourself home selling

Veteran do-it-yourselfers understand that there are few ground rules for successful do-it-yourself projects but know they are challenging to act upon. They also truly understand that when completed fully, reward is uniquely other. DIY home selling goes beyond just placing it MLS.

Below are the foundation points in the context of selling real estate.

At this point in time, you have decided to use a flat fee service to place your house on MLS. To be sure you are ready for this, make sure you have a clear vision of what is going to be expected that is explained below. By having this vision, the sale of your home can go so much more smoothly.

1) Be willing and realistic.

This is the first step. Are you even willing to sell your home? Do you have what it takes to sell a home?

Along the way on this journey it is necessary to provide expectations that can be met. At the same time be prepared to reevaluate and change expectations as needed. How quickly expectations are changed will improve your chances to reaching your goal.

Are you willing to drop price, spend time and money home staging, and be ready to show your property even in times you are less willing to do so are all challenges that can be faced.

2) Do the work

This is the most important part. Willingness is just a concept without work. If you truly want the real benefits, the work must be completed. If you are a homeowner looking to sell property, be prepared to spend weekend time hosting open houses, commit time and money preparing your home to be staged, take numerous calls to schedule appointments with agents and would-be buyers, and all the additional leg work involved an agent typically performs.

So, do the work.

3) Ask for guidance

One tendency that do-it-yourselfers fall short on is when to recognize and reach out for help, mostly because they are used to this kind of behavior. Be mindful to send an email or a call to your agent to keep them updated with what is going on. While this may involve a consulting session or two, they could be the difference between creating success and saving sanity versus losing both. As consulting experts, we are also here to relief that stress and unpredictability. Consistent communication with your agent will reduce both and improve your motivation.

Selling a house takes work, even more so if you decide to take the DIY route. Be willing and realistic about how you want to sell your house. We encourage you to ask for expertise. When the work is complete, which will be in line with your willingness and expectations, reap the rewards.

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